My name is John Truman,
I was born in 1988, I live to make Art; to create and design.
I have a degree in Architecture, Photoshop is my second language.
I am the Project Development Officer in A7 International Group, LLC.
But I needed more Art in my life, that’s why I created Truman Arts.
I’ve been a Graphic Designer since 2004,
An Architect since 2007, (An Architect with degree since 2012),
A Photographer since 2012,
I know my way around a lot of editing and design software.
I know how to play the Guitar and other string instruments.
I’ve written songs and I’m currently working on a Movie Script.
I am highly creative person, and just the right amount of crazy!
All my life I have been making art,
And Truman Arts is the result of this.

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